village_image "Village Voices" is produced by Karen Nelson and Harry Stoetzel.  The show highlights each week a local service group or volunteer organization, lists some upcoming events in the village and asks the hard questions in a segment called "Hot Topics".  Karen Nelson, the host of "Village Voices", is a former school board president and parent of 3 boys who graduated from Menomonee Falls High School.  Karen has Degree in Deaf Education and has been part of the administration at Medical Associates since 1991.
morning_image "Morning Story" is a pre-shool, kindergarten reading show that is hosted by the Mother/Daughter team of Maggie Brooks and her Daughter Ellen.  On the show as MaMa Maggie and Paige Turner they present themed shows that keep youngsters interested and offer simple lessons and 3 or 4 books.  Maggie is a member of the Way Off Broadway Players and Ellen is a grade school teacher.  Together they provide a mixture of classic books & projects along with the current popular books & songs.
iremember_image "I Remember.... Menomonee Falls" The Menomonee Falls Historical Society in their efforts to preserve the past had enlisted Society member Jim Jeskewitz, to interview long time Menomonee Falls residents and public servants to reminisce about the "Good ol' days".  Jim has since passed away, but his legacy on the show has been passed on to his wife Sue and fellow historian Robyn Turtenwald.  Hear first hand the history of this community and about life in the Falls. Guaranteed to entertain all ages.  The return of "I Remember....Menomonee Falls" is scheduled for the Summer of 2015.
realmovie_image "Reel Movie Talk with Matt" Seen everything there is to see on Channel 14?  Well here is a hilarious solution for you.  Tune into Reel Movie Talk for the latest on the movies at your local theater.  Co Hosted by film student Reuben Glaser and "film nut" Matt Grennier, the show offers current movie trailers with enlightening insight from the boys. The Weekly Forum provides interesting discussions on genre, directors, and actors.  How different can two guys be?  Tune in and find out.

"Cable TV Ministry" is a group of volunteers who tape the weekly service at their own church so that it can be aired four times weekly on channel 14. The services allow those who are shut-ins or confined to hospitals and nursing homes to enjoy church services with their neighbors. There are 9 churches from Menomonee Falls of different faiths who contribute to the ministry


"School Board Meetings" The School District of Menomonee Falls tapes each school board meeting for rebroadcast in the following weeks.

CURRENTLY ON HOLD - Contact the School District of Menomonee Falls for more information.


parade_image "Parades and Concerts" Each summer the Village Centre sponsors, with the help of local business' concerts at the Village Park Gazebo.  The concerts are taped as a community service by volunteers weather permitting.  There are also three parades each year that volunteers tape for FCAC.

We are always looking for volunteers for the parades and the concerts.  These programs are very popular and greatly appreciated by all of our shut-ins in Menomonee Falls.  Call the Access Studio at 262-251-2866 for info on joining the fun.

The Show - Producer: Gordon Kirchoff

Description:  The Show is the brainchild of local producer Gordon Kirchoff.  He is a local businessman, musician, access volunteer and graduate of the Cable Access Production Class.  The Show mixes music, local personalities, sketch humor and some philisophical views on life in general.  There is something for everyone on The Show.  Check out the many talents of Gordon Kirchoff in...The Show 

What's Cookin' with KC - Producer: KC Thorson

Local organic food expert KC Thorson talks to health specialists, trainers, nutritionist and organic merchants in addition to sharing one of her quick and easy nutritional recipes. There is plenty of useful information and tasty morsals when KC is in the studio.

FALLS-SPORTS - Producer: Harry Stoetzel

Utilizing a fully equiped trailer ready for six camera productions and a cast of talented announcers, Falls Sports produces live on location over 30 Athletic events per year. Inside the High School during the winter months the remote cart handles not only the sporting events but band revue, graduation and Distinguished Young Women of the Year. The Cable Access Remote Trailer is available for rent for special events in South Eastern Wisconsin. Contact 262-251-2866 for more info and pricing.


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